Who We Are


One of the largest recyclers of LDPE Agricole Film, HDPE PIPES in Morocco, we are currently recycling 100 tons per month of PE Agricole Film and HDPE pipes, from post-consumer or post-industrial wastes. 

Since 2010 we've been in the process of upgrading with the latest dedicated recycling machinery for our factory.


JONAPLAST continues to be a well established leader in the plastic recycling industry in Morocco.


Providing Environmentally friendly plastic scrap through collection and recycling services, specifically to the Southern and Central region of Morocco, but alos to the rest of Northern Morocco.

Main Function:

  • Providing collection and transport services for plastic scrap collection Network.
  • Buying Centre for scrap Polyethylene (LDPE & HDPE),  (Post-Consumer and Post-Industrial).
  • Grade & Sort scrap.
  • Wash & Pelletize scrap.
  • Sell & distribute high quality recycled Polyethylene pellets to blown film and PE containers manufacturers (Plastic Converters) to supply the Packaging
  • Industry & the Agricultural Piping Industry for irrigation systems and PE Bottles.
  • Sell quality Reprocesse PE  pellets for the injection molding industry.


We have the following values against which we evaluate ourselves and invite others to do the same:

✔️ Discipline (self)

✔️ Co-operation (Teamwork)

✔️ Acceptance of others

✔️ Responsibility

We have steadily increased our staff contingent to 50 members (we mainly employ workers from the area).

We have a passion for a cleaner environment for our children & their children to enjoy for their future.